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Interesting facts from the health world was re-found. Apparently, sleeping with the lights on can increase your weight.

A study at Ohio State University recently found that sleeping with the lights on can actually gain weight. Research that involved mouse said that mouse exposed to light at night, especially the dim light, their weight continued to increase when compared to other mouse that slept in the dark.

“What really happen is that your metabolism slows down. Mouse exposed to bright light during sleep make it more fat because the light at night makes mouses wants to eat or gets hungry at the wrong time to reorganize their metabolic system,” said Laura Foken, author of the study and doctoral student at Ohio State’s neuroscience department.

As quoted from aolhealth, Laura explained that this could happen in humans. Light at night is expected become one of the triggers of obesity that is not known by many people. This will make you have a low appetite in the morning, but high at night.

In addition, Laura also explained that not only lights that could trigger weight gain. Computer or television that is still lit at night may also affect metabolic processes in the body that have an impact on increased body weight.

Therefore, begin to get used to turning off lights, computers, televisions when sleeping. In addition this is good for weight, you will sleep more soundly.



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