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Many people are not able to sleep soundly at night, whereas, everyone should sleep soundly to recover their body condition. And it turns out, eating bananas can help a person to sleep soundly at night.

Adults often can not sleep soundly. About 44 cent of adults are experiencing sleep problems. Many people also do bad habit by sleeping less than 6-7 hours per day.

If you are one person who can not sleep soundly, eat bananas at night!

A study from the University of Wisconsin, published in the Journal of Neuroscience in 2007 found that to maintain normal sleep, it is necessary gene that controls the flow of potassium into the cell.

Banana is one of the fruits that contain lots of potassium. There are many high potassium content of 400 mg in the banana which is equivalent with steamed potatoes or a glass of orange juice.

Although the research is done on fruit flies, but researchers said that there is a similar effect between fruit flies and humans, because it has the same genes which control potassium.

Other studies also found that eating a banana at night can help someone in treating difficulty breathing disorder when sleeping or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Researchers from the University of New England in New South Wales said that bananas can help overcome the obstructive sleep apnea. Results of initial studies have found that fatty acids in banana or phospholipids can remain active in the mouth for six hours, which was tantamount to a period of satisfactory sleep.

Phospholipids can keep the throat open so that this can avoid choking during sleep and help those who suffer from OSA to be able to sleep soundly.

“Our initial findings indicate that the banana can offer alternatives that are relatively inexpensive and delicious as part of treatment for patients with obstructive sleep apnea,” said Dr. Tom van der Touw, one of the researchers.



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