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The most heated rivalry in all of sports has etched another chapter into its annals, as India used a massive run-scoring binge to knock off Pakistan in the ICC World Cup Semifinals, 260-231.

Just one more match to go. India will take on Srilanka in the final of 2011 world cup and who writes the script for this. They are the hosts of this tournament and they would battle it out for the title on this Saturday, i.e. on April 2.

India and Srilanka have played against each other many a time in the recent past and both know the strengths and weaknesses of the other team and that would play a big role in this final match. Eventually, whoever handles the pressure in a world cup final well would emerge as a winner.

Now the world cup 2011 is down to one match and India vs Sri Lanka promises to be a cracker of the game. Srilanka had upset India in 1996 semifinals and also holds a better world cup record.



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