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Increasing the breast milk production is not troublesome. Natural ways which is close to mother’s daily routine also can help to expedite the breast milk and add its volume. Of course, as a mother, you will do your best for your baby, right?

Physiotherapists Wiwit Azmi Lestari AMF, SE, DIPL CIDESCO, from Indonesia explained, regular baby suckling can keep the production of prolactin. This prolactin activate milk-producing cells.

“Prolactin is produced in abundance by the pituitary gland during pregnancy, helping to raise the mammary gland. high estrogen levels suppress milk production. Well, when the baby is born, estrogen reduced drastically. The prolactin that activate the milk-producing cells,” Wiwit explained.

So simple, if you want your breast milk production smoothly, give breast milk since the baby was born until breastfeeding period of two years. More frequent feeding, more milk production.

From gymnastics to herbal drinks

According to Wiwit, a number of natural ways can increase breast milk production, for example is puerperal gymnastics. Puerperal gymnastics, she explained, it can improve blood circulation and the contraction of muscles around the mammary gland. As the result, this regular exercise during puerperal period of 4-6 weeks after giving birth can increase breast milk production.

“After giving birth, the estrogen and progesterone hormones decrease. Then the prolactin hormone, which will form the mammary gland contains milk. With the help of the hormone oxytocin, mammary glands contract resulting the breast milk expenditures. Puerperal gymnastics help this natural process,” she said.

In addition to gymnastics, eucalyptus oil and telon oil can also stimulate breast milk.

“Herbal powder of cinnamon, ginger, and dry water spinach which are brewed as a herbal medicine can accelerate and increase breast milk production,”.



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