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>5-year-old victim’s father says he’ll slay killer Woodmansee | Father vows to kill ‘cannibal’ murderer of five-year-old son if he’s released | Killer of South Kingstown boy Jason Foreman to be released in August, 12 years | Killer of South Kingstown boy Jason Foreman to be released | Potential release sparks outrage | Michael Woodmansee will kill his son’s murderer | Murderer and Accused Cannibal Michael Woodmansee to Be Freed in August | Michael Woodmansee profiles Wiki


Michael Woodmansee. A plea deal intended to spare a murdered child’s family the horrific details of his death has come back to haunt residents of a historic town in Rhode Island. The killer, an accused cannibal who was a teenager when the crime was committed more than 30 years ago, will be free before the end of the year, according to police. “We do not know what his plans are or if he is [planning on coming back here], but it is definitely something we plan on discussing,” a spokesman for the South Kingstown Police Department.

While police have yet to formulate a plan for the impending release of convicted murderer Michael Woodmansee, the father of his victim, a 5-year-old boy named Jason Foreman, is not mincing words.

“I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find [him], I do intend to kill this man,” John Foreman told Rhode Island’s WPRO News talk radio today.

According to The Providence Journal, Woodmansee was a withdrawn 16-year-old boy on May 18, 1975 –- the day he lured Jason into his home, stabbed the boy in the heart and hid the small body in a trunk.

Michael Woodmansee is seen in this undated mugshot from the Rhode Island Department of Corrections. Rhode Island Department of Corrections. Convicted killer Michael Woodmansee benefited from a reward system that shaved 12 years off his 40-year prison sentence. Woodmansee lived up the street from the Foreman home. The day he took Jason’s life was the boy’s mother’s 25th birthday -– a time of happiness that would forever after be associated with pain and heartache.



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