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The nation of India is condemn the rise of Petrol Prices about Rs2.50 per litre by Government of India. This very disappointing for the nation because every time Government increases the prices of petroleum products which consider as a Bomb on poor nation. Last hike in Petrol price were made in December but now it is over Rs.59 to Rs.63 depending on your area.

All the products are dependent on it because if petroleum prices increase all products prices increase as a direct affect. It is never realized by any politician that how middle class and low income people are surviving and fighting this tough time of inflation and un-employment. This directly promote streets and crime ratio in the nation. There are millions of scooters and motorcycles and vehicles driven by low income group.

This is selfish act of Government that they do not reduce their non productive expenses and they are killing people specially middle class or low income in the name of petroleum prices hike.

Government on the other side simply states that the rise in Petrol prices are against the crude prices which had touched $92  per barrel in international market.



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