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Deepika Padukone’s sizzling item number in Dum Maaro Dum is getting hotter and hotter by the day.

Deepika to wear an Anahita Adajania Shroff outfit a sexy bikini halter-top paired with the shortest skirt she’s ever designed.

Deepika was aware of this and had worked hard to get into shape so she could fit into the ensemble. However, the skirt was too short for her. The actress got it changed to shorts in stead.

A source explains the need for the change, “The skirt Anahita designed barely covered the actress’s derriere yet looked stunning on her.

During trials, she received several compliments. Director Rohan Sippy had briefed her and she understood that the song needed sexy clothes. The trouble began when she started rehearsing for the song.

The steps were difficult to do because of the skirt’s length.”

Rohan had the option to change the dance steps to make her feel comfortable in the skirt. However, Deepika insisted they keep the choreography and switch from skirt to shorts instead.

Adds the source, “She walked up to Rohan and told him there was no way she could move her legs and do the steps in the skirt.

A consensus was reached and the outfit was changed soon after. The actress ended up wearing shorts and tassels over it to look like a skirt.”

Mallika Sherawat ‘skirted’ controversy recently when her designer created an outfit that was “too sexy” for Anees Bazmee’s “family film” Thank You’s item number, Raziya Phans Gayi Gundo Mein.



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