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50-year-old wife, Julie Schenecker was hospitalized in the intensive care unit, for unknown reasons after being charged with shooting his two teenage children on Thursday. Schenecker is the wife of Colonel Parker Schenecker, an intelligence officer with U.S. Central Command is located at MacDill AFB, currently deployed to Qatar.

In 2008, the family moved to Tampa and bought a $448,000 home in a quiet, upscale suburban neighborhood. As the sun set Friday evening, residents walked by crime scene tape that sealed off the cul-de-sac that the Schenecker family lived on.

Neighbor Charanun Soodjinda said the Scheneckers “fit right in” when they arrived. The couple’s two children often played in the cul-de-sac with other neighborhood kids, and Julie Schenecker seemed to be at home a lot.

“They seemed like a nice family,” said Soodjinda, 38. “I never thought this would happen. How could you do that to your children?”

Julie-Schenecker, mother killed two children

The family appeared to be happy, at least according to friends – and they appeared to glow in photos posted online. The two teens were described as well-mannered by family friends. In several family portraits on Parker Schenecker’s Facebook page, the four posed, smiling and relaxed.

“You all look so stunning and young. Did you find the fountain of youth and your not telling anyone!!!! WOW, you four look so good and healthy!!!” wrote one of Schenecker’s friends on a dramatic black-and-white photo of the family.

Another photo shows the four in Santa hats. “What a great photo! You never disappoint! Your family is something to be proud of, look at how happy every one of you are!” a friend wrote in response.

Parker Schenecker also posted several photos of Calyx’s cross country running team.

Julie Schenecker’s Facebook page says she studied physical education at the University of Iowa. In May 2010, she posted a video of her husband; he appeared in a real estate company’s video about looking for a home in Tampa.

She posted words of encouragement on her daughter’s running photos, reminisced about skiing in Austria in the late ’80s and added more than 400 friends.

Julie Schenecker, allegedly shot her 14-year-old son while on his way home from football practice, then leave his body in the car in the garage of his residence in a gated community in Tampa, Florida, the suspect apparently then entered into her house and shot her daughter, 16 years old, and she sat in front of her computer in her bedroom. According to the Tampa Tribune and the local authorities, .38-caliber handgun bought in just a few days earlier, was used in both shootings.



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