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Neetu Chandra No Panty Rumors
The actress and model of the Indian film industry Neetu Chandra was seen at the party without underwear. Neetu has not been in the news for a while and relatively few big project coming way.In photo showing her thighs Changra almost full up. He wore a black outfit that was very short and it shows Assest after the lifting of the leg to take a peak at what lies beneath.

But the actress has denied the panty-less claims. The publicist of the actress announced that Neetu has her dignity and will never do anything like this for publicity.

Her publicist was quoted as saying, “Neetu Chandra is a girl with dignity and there has been no slip like this.”

It was reported that an event the actress was spotted panty less and a website claimed that Chandra is trying to ape Yana to make it big in the B-town.

However, her publicist dismissed the claims and added, “Neetu does not need to resort to any such thing for publicity. In fact, she was planning to initiate legal action on the website and was in the process of approaching the National Commission of Women (NCW) in New Delhi, when the site tendered an unconditional apology for the news. So the matter stands closed.”  

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