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Hackers know people search for ancient Indian treatise, the Kamasutra on web, that’s why they(the hackers) have chosen the ancient sex guide to achieve bliss (break in PCs and savor the user data). And the Hackers choice format is an illustration laden PowerPoint slide.

This time, the virus comes through a PowerPoint presentation called “Real kamasutra.pps.exe.” These viruses are tough to get rid of once you are infected.

Once users click on this presentation they are actually taken to a presentation for a few moments. However, while users are looking through the famous positions like “The Frog” and “Whellbarrow,” a sneaky Trojan called “Troj/Bckdr-RFM” is infecting their computers.

The worst part about this Kama Sutra virus is that hackers are able to gain access to the computer to steal identities or use it as part of an attack. What a pain it is to get rid of as well.

One good way to get rid is to update the anti-virus software and run a full scan if you have viewed this Kama Sutra PowerPoint recently. The scan should show the virus if you have. Once you get the results of the scan, you need to try to delete the virus from your registry. For the complete steps on Trojan virus removal see this article.

Unfortunately, viruses like the Kama Sutra virus are not so easy to remove. Your best bet is to skip viewing the PowerPoint altogether. To keep from getting the virus in the future, beware of what you view and make sure you keep your anti-virus software up to date and enabled.

According to the security research firm Sophos, an illustration-heavy PowerPoint presentation demonstrating more than a dozen different sexual positions is actually a vicious piece of malware in disguise. The file, called “Real kamasutra.pps.exe,” masquarades as a legitimate PowerPoint file. But as the user clicks through slides describing various sexual positions, with such names as “The Frog,” “Wheelbarrow,” and “Lyons Stagecoach,” his/her computer runs a program that lets hackers remotely control your computer.

According to Graham Clulely, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, the malware was spotted for the first time earlier this week, but isn’t particularly widespread.

Once downloaded, he said the PowerPoint deck serves as a decoy while malware quietly installs itself in the computer. The malicious code gives hackers a backdoor to your PC, which they can they use to execute any number of unwanted tasks (what hackers do is they infect a PC and then include it in their network of PCs, hacked in the same manner, owned by unsuspecting PC users around the globe; such PC networks controlled by hackers are called Bot networks). They could access every computer file in infected computers remotely, watch every key stroke the PC user makes, steal his/her passwords to online bank accounts and steal their identity.

To summarize Sophos advice: Hackers make use of human weaknesses 99 out of 100 times. That’s why they choose celebrities, sex, money, Freebies as bait. The best way to remain secure is not to go for such lures.



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