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‘Sani’ graham moves from ‘Simma’ Rasi to ‘Kanni Rsi’ on 26-09-2009 Saturday. He will be there for 2 ½ years. During the period “Guru will be in Magara Rasi ( up to 25-12-2009) and then in Kumba Rasi”, and ‘Ragu?Kedhu will move in Magara, Kadaga, Danusu and Midhuna Rasis.

“Kavi Kalidasan” says, that though Astrolegers predict everything bussy on the moment of planets, which may be true to happen; final happenings are only in the hands of ‘Brahma’.

So, the “Sani Peyarchi ” predition are based on “Kotcharam” happenings, it may change from individual to another individual of the same Rasi, based on their horoscope./

We need not fear about ‘Lord Saneeswarar’ ‘Sani’ becomes maximum (Ucham) in Tula Rasi ( Simbal “Balance”) so he will act judiciously. He will give good futures and benefits to those whose activities are in good Darmapath, and to those who don’t think and think on act ill to others.

But for those who are in bad thinkings, ‘Adarma’ activity ‘Sani’ Bagavan will show his power by creates some problems in their life.

As per Horescope and “Kotcharam” Sani resides and moves in 3,6,11th place will give mor benefit and fotune.

7 ½ Sani, Ashtamathu Sani, Ardhashtama Sani etc., while moves in 4,7 and 10th place will give some hurles, problems etc., Worshiping Saneeswarar, Ganapathi, Anjaneya diety and the specified ‘God’ for each Rasi will reduce the friction created by; the impact of Saneesawarar’s movement.

Saneeswarar Temple in India:

Though there are various Saneeswarar temple in India, the following temples are famous and powerful and more people are benefited by; conducting pariharam, worshipping the deities of the temple.

1) Sanis Shinganapore: It is situated in Maharastra near ‘Shiradi’ . The diety is like a small structure with some curvings on it. From devotees Male persons are alone permitted to conduct Abisheham by; themselves.

2) Kuchanoor: It is near in Theni, There are priests to conduct our pariharam and Archanas.

3) Thirunallau:- It is Karaikal of Pondicherry. By conducting pariharam and, poojas, prayers, etc., will reduce our pressure.

4) Thirukodikadu:- It is in Tiruvarur District of Tamilnadu near Thriruthuraipoondi – Thiruvarur Route. It is called “Pongu Sani”. It is such that conducting pariharam, poojas etc., will give us Saneeswaran’s blessings along with the retur of all ours such as pleasure, happiness, property, health etc.,

Daily chanting of Navagraha , Pooja’s Navagrahas, offering black colour clothes to poor, distributions ‘Gingly—rice’ ( Ell-Sadham) to others after offering ito ‘Sani Bagavan’ etc., will be reduce some problems and pressures.

If required we will arrange to perform in the respective temples required pariharams / homam / Abishekam, Pooja etc., on behalf of you on the specific day.

(Aries) Mesham:- (Aswini, Barani, Karthigai I)

The planet for this Rasi is Sevvai. ( Mars), in 6th place of this Rasi. Generally, Sani in 6th place will be reason for every success. He will help to run the life happily. Health condition will be good prolonged illness will go. Joy & happiness will be there. Some may get benefit from wife. All pending litigations will end in your favour. No pressure for improvemental activities. You may involve in any competition and you will get success.

Chances are there for the purchase of new properties like house, vehicle, ornaments etc., If there is any; business, or if you start any business you will get success. Own business will give you more success. You may start a new business. Joint ventures may also give you success.

Educated will get Good Employment. Some may go to foreign countries also.

On a , “Sani Bahavan” is ready to give you fruit kept in his hand. Regular prayer will please Saneeswarar and in turn you will also be pleased by him.

Pariharam and Worship:

Please offer food, clothes etc to Aged people, orphans, physically handicapped to the maximum extent on Saturday.

Praying ‘Saneeswarar’ and Anjaneyar will be given more benefit.

Dull Period: 14-01-2010 to 30-05 2010 and 27 -01-2011 to 13-06-2011
( Sani Vakkaram Period)

Fine Period: 31-0-2010 to 26-01-2011, and 13-06-2011 to 27-11-2011

Rishabam:- ( Karthikai II, III, IV, Rogini, Mirugasirusham I )

As per the ensuing ‘Sani Peyarchi ‘ Sani will move in the 5th place of your Rasi. It is not good. It will create confusion, mental problems, thinking about health condition, family problem, fear about the profession / business, hurdles in future plannings etc., If as per your horoscope if there is Good ‘Dasa Bukthis’, you can get some benefit or protection from the bad impacts.

Now, this ‘Sani Peyarchi’ may have more effect on ;your health condition.

There may be hurdles in your profession / business, joint ventured business will create more problems. Problems may be expected from unknown persons or from Government. There may be a likely hood of accidents in the like chemicals,
, etc., To health is not affected by
peyarchi will have to face professional bad effects. You are adviced not to start new business. There may arises new litigations in your profession. Your enemies/competitors will be in high hand. Don’t avail any loans from private persons, Govt side unnecessary expenditures are unavoidable. Even your workers will tension against you. Loss of property by theft, missing are expected.

Ups and downs will prevail in your own business. Don’t belief any luck. Profit will be normal. However changes are taken for foreign trips / employment opportunities/hurdles are expected in all matters. Don’t believe any one. Act involving “Time passing” will give you more problem. Well planned ideas and paryers will alone give you some profit.


Get blessings from persons like ‘Guru’, and parents. Donate clothe to poor and help teachrs/ Guru those who are in poor condition and liberally donate Dakshinamoorthy to Archakar, Service minded people helping mentally affected people, will solve upon mental problem.

Worship: FamilyDeity, Anjaneyar, Saneeswarar

Good period: 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010
27-01-2011 To 12-06-2011

Cautious period: From26-09-2009 To 13-01-2010 and
from 31-05-2010 To 26-01-2011

3) (Gemini) Midhunam (Miruhaseersham 3,4, Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam 1,2,3):-

You may be a person with disciple and good character patience will be with you. You may be having religious faith. You will be person with affection and love.

As per Kocharam, ‘Sani’ will more in 4th place. We cannot say that it will give good things to you; as it is called “Athashtama Sani ” . However as per your ‘Dhasapukthi’s ’there may happen good things.

Generally Sanin 4th place will not stop incomings, but there will be more expenditure than income. So, if you cut short your expenditure problems will be lesser, and benefit will be there.

Improvement/development in Profession/business will be affected. Will low in counting’s. If there is any joint venture, there may be breakings. Some litigation/problems are expected. Enemies/competitors will be there. Hard words/ arguments may land you in trouble. Hence control your words. As 4th place vehicles, properties etc., accidents may happen. So, please take care tour will create tension, and loans will profession/business will not be good. However manual profession will not be affected. Cottage industry/Small scale industry etc., will give you profit. Praying God with full faith will reduce your problems and give you more benefit.

Worship & Prayer:
Avoid availing loan facilities however for urgent and essential purpose loans received on installment basis will not hurt you more.

Worship perumal, Narayanan, Anjaneyar on Wedensdays, Saturdays with lighting lamps Vilakanai with gingili oil and performing Archanas will solve some problem and give you benefit. Blessings of mother will ease the position.

Cautious period:

26-09-2009 To 14-01-2010, 31-05-2010 To 26-1-2011

Better Period:- 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010

Very Firm Period: 27-01-2011 To 13-06-2010

4) Kadagam ( Cancer Punarpoosam IV, Poosam, Ayilyam

You may be an hard worker with courage and want to come out a successful now. You may think always about your important in life. You may be a good friend to all. You may be an influential person in this society. You may be educated, scientist and having the capacity to analyse everything. You may not like love affairs. You may not be cheated by; others easily.

Now during this ‘Sani Peyarchi’ Sani comes to 3rd place. You are relieved from the clutches of 7 ½ Sani. Very good period. Particularly to those who’s Dasabukthi as per Horescope is good, very fine future is there in your life. Oscillation in your mind is over and you will come to a in your life. Health condition will improve. Prolonged illness will come under control. Affection and love will exist in your family. Seperated couples may join together. To those who are not married so far may get married.

Profession and Business:-

You can see improvement in your profession and business, and bank balance. Loan facilities from banks will be available to you. You may involve joint ventures in your business and can see improvement. All financial problems will be solved. Litigation will came to end in your favour your may expect ddition/improvement in hose/property/vehicle etc., Unemployed persons will get employment opportunities. Foreign trips re also anticipated. If you are an young youth, in some way, you may have friendship with young ladies, and it will end in success.

Cautious Days: From 14-01-2010 To 31-05-2010
From 27-01-2011 To 12-06-2011

Pariharams Worship :

Get blessings from your mother particularly on Mondays, worship Lord Siva and Shakthi on all Sundays and Mondays for the continuance of your happiness. More over those who adopt ‘Poornima Virdham ’ and offer food to old ladies, they can get more benefit.

Very Firm Period:- From 31-05-2010 To 26-01-20111
From 13-06-2011 To 27-11-2011

5) Simham ( LEO) ( Magam, Pooram, Uthiram I)

You may be a person having hard working nature. You will be good person for friendship. You maybe short tempered person.

Now, ‘Sani’ will be in second place. This is the last period ( Going period) of 7 ½ Sani. This may be called as “Vakku Sani”, “Pada Sani”. You may be so far facing problems after problems and you may be frustrated in life. So far you may be having dullness in your health, mind etc., This position may continue, provided if your ‘Dasabukti’s’ are your horoscope are in good place. You may loose something because of your Anger, tension etc.,

Profession and Business:-

Some Dullness may prevail. Some persons are likely to close their business/Industry etc., If it is a joint venture, separation is unavoidable . Family problem may arise. Problem may arise in partition. You may lose ancestral property to close the pending loan. Please do not start new business during this period. You have to wait for good period for short time. Unemployed educated person may get employment opportunities. No foreign or Govt job chances is available during the period. Don’t trust any body in money transaction.

Youngsters may have to face problems in their love affairs. Unnecessary fear will prevail in your mind. Don’t believe any body. Don’t in any competion., From 2010onwards you can expect the happenings of good things. Don’t involve in ladies affairs. Don’t involve in share business.

Parharam and Worship

Worship ‘Guru’ Dakshinamoorthy on all Thursdays; with offerings of ‘Vilvam ‘ or yellow cloth. Worshipping ‘Anjaneyar’ on Wednes days and Thursdays will reduce the impact of Sani’s effect. Offer ‘Ulundhu Vadai’ or ‘Gingly and mixed with rice food ” to others or poorl or physically handicapped, and ;you can see good result.

Catious Days : From 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010
From 27-01-2011 To 12-06-2011

Very good period : From 26-09-2009 To 13-01-2010
From 13-05-2010 To 26-01-2011
From 13-06-2011 To 13-01-2011

Kanni ( VIRGO) ( Utiiram II, III, IV, Hastham, Chithirai I,, II )

You may be a calm person with sweet talkings. You may control your tension. /Anger etc and defeat your enemies. You may be having faith in Sastras and your religion. You may be having more friends. Patience will always with you.

Now, as per Sanipeyarchi, Sani will move in first place, Generallyl “Genma Sani” is like a life in prison. Now 7 ½ Sani is with you. More problems are expected. Expenditure will be higher than the income and as a result of which you may land in loans. Life hidden life from the persons from whom you have availed loan. Faiths/Fear/poverty/illness/prison may affect you. If your Dasabuktis in your horoscope are good, youl can face these problems.

Uncontrolled illness is expected, particularly by whose who crossed 40 years. If as per your Horescope 2,7,6,8 12 places Dasaputhi is there, then there will be illness. Conducting Danvanthri homam, Ayush Homam etc., will minimize this problems.

Youngsters may land in problem in their love affairs. Married Person are likely to face problem such as litigations, Seperation, Court activities, Divorce etc with your life.

Profession Business:

No improvement is expected upto 2010, there will be hard works with Meagre income. Genuine business with genuine person will give profit. Don’t involve in acts prohibited by law. Judicious, God fearing, law obeying activities will solve your problems.

Pariharms and worship

Take gingili oil bath on Saturdays, and wear washed clothes. Offer butter to Anjaneyar and worship him on all Saturdays. Offer food to crow and street dogs.

Very good period: 31-05-2010 To 26-01-2011
13-06-2011 To 27-11-2011

Cautious Period : 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010
27-01-2011 To 12-06-2011

7) Thulam: (LIBRA) (Chitrai III,IV, Swathi, Visakam I,II, III)

You may be person with judicious activities. You love your family, with affection and affinity., You will be having the capacity of getting appreciation from others. Ladies will like you more. You may be having friends and opponents.

Now, Sani come to you 12th place. It is the beginning movement of 7 ½ Sani. It will be checking period. Problems may come. But, however happening on the’Dasapuktis of your Horescope, it will change.

Health condition will be affective. To those who have crossed 40 years may be affected in their health.
Youngsters : Be careful. Vehicle accident may occur litigations may come. Family problems will also be there. Wife may enter into illness involving medical expenditure. Unnecessary expenditure and loans will be crushing you. So, if you are very careful in your activities from the beginning itself, the impact of problems will be less.

Profession and Business:

Problems in your profession is expected. There may be separation in joint ventures. Don’t get loan from individual. Control lavish expenditure.

However conducting the required pariharm will solve the problems to the maximum extent. Unemployed will get job opportunities in Private concern. Foreign chances are also available. Don’t trust any; one. Some may liklely to get Government job. Generally ‘Sanis’ bad effects will not be their for ‘Tula’ Rasi. But basing on ‘Dasa Buthis; of your horoscope good things may happen. But, generally there may be hurdles in your improvement, but no bad thing will happen. Patience, carefulness will avoid the problems.

Parharam and Prayers:

Involve in ‘Sabarirajan’ activities likle conducting marriage to family members. Because, you are likely to land in loan and let it be in good acts. Some may avail loan to construct house. Worship and pray ‘Narayan, Perumal, Anjaneyar on Wednesdays /Saturdays; and offer food to any poor person.

Very Good Period: 31-05-2010 To 26-01-2011 and 13-06-11 to 27-11-2011
Cautious Period : 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010 and 27-01-2011 to 12-06-2011

8) Virtchigam (Scorpio) ( Visagam IV, Anusham, Kettai)

You may be looking hard, but your mind will always soft in nature., Some may be having breathing problems or slight heart problems. For this if you worship “hrudayaleeswarar’ in Thiruninravoor Village ( Central Station ;- Thirunallor train – Route), such problems will come to your control.

Now, Sani move in 11th place ( profit Place). So you can expect good things to happen. You can also expect very good change in your life. All your action will end in Success. As per the Dasa Bukthis of your Horescope, Success and happiness may come.

The problems so far expected by you in wealth, health etc., will go. Health condition will be good. There will be affinity. Some cases will come to end. Loans will be settled. You will be brisk in your activities. You can expect improvement in your profession. This period will continue upto 2011 and there after 7 ½ Sani will touch you. So take steps to save money, property etc.,

Profession and Business:
Hard working will give you success. Unemployed will get job opportunities. Chances are there for Government job. Some may get foreign chances. You can expect improvement in your profession. Those who are in business line can expect development in their business with more profit. Some may; start new business. Joint venture will also be success.

For Youths:
Don’t involve in love matters. Success in examination and chances for higher studies will be available.

Generally it is a very fine period to all

Cautious Period: 14-01-2010 to 30-05-2010 and 27-01-2011 to 12-06-2011

Very good Period: 26-09-2009 to 13-01-2010 and 31-05-2010 to 26-01-2011

Pariharam and Worship:
Help poor persons particularly Physically handicapped.
Worship Familyl deity and Navagrahas.,

9) Danusu ( SAGITTARIUS) (Moolam, Pooradam, Uthiradam I )

You will having attractive physique. Good habit, good heart, Good thinking etc., are always born with you. You will be educated. You may be having deep knowledge in religious matters. You may not run after anything.

Now Sani come to 10th place of your Rasi. Generaly it is said that this movement may affect your profession. But basing on the Dasapuktis of your horoscope, it will be changed.

As per your Rasi, health will not be affected. But problems in family may arise. Wifes health condition may affected., Medical expenditure will be high. Journeys will not be happy, and result in problem. Financial crisis is expected. Expenditure will be more than the income; and you may get loan. Mental confussion may prevail. Family problems created by Ragu –Kedhu will be stand. Some may be involved in court litigations. Avoid tension and Anger. Ragu, Kedu, Sani, Guru are not in your favour.

Profession and Business:
Hurdles may intervene in your Profesion/Busines. It is some what are hard period. Deep argument may prevail in joint ventures; and some may break away from the joint venture; with a result of loss, litigation etc., You may loose your property. Those who crossed 40 years may have illness. However by God’s grace you will be saved from all these bad happenings.

Physical labor will give you profit. Educated may get good job even in distance place. Beaware of love matters as otherwise it will land you in trouble. But depending on the ‘Dasa Buktis; of your Horescope ;bad things will go.

Pariharam & Worship:-
Help divorced person, other state person. Offering ‘Butter Rice food, Ulundu Vadai (Black –Gram), Gingly seed mixed food to poor will please Ragu, Kedhu and Sani. Worshipping Anjaneyar and Dakshinamoorthy on Thursday will give you happiness.

On all Saturdays, lit the ‘Agal Vilakku before Biravar with 19 pepper in a white cloth and gee. Offer food to physically handicapped person on that day and as a result of which all problems in your profession/Business will be minimized.

Very Good Period:- From 26-09-2009 To 13-01-2010 and 31-05-2010 To 26-01-2011
And From 13-06-2011 To 27-11-2011

Cautious Period:- 14-01-2010 to 30-052010 and 27-01-2011 to 12-06-2011.

Magaram:- ( Uthiradam II, III, IV, Thiruvonam, Avittam I, II )

You are an intelligent person; with good character. and calmness may prevail in your activities. However you will be very active with strong faith in God, Religion etc., You will utilize the chances available and attract others. You will love family members and they will also reciprocate.

‘Ashtamathu’ Sani goes away. There will not be health problem so far existed between couples. You may get calmness in your mind. Pressue prevailed in ancestral property will go. Your family members would have suffered so far more than you and all such things will go away.

During this Peyarchi, you can get benefit from Guru and Kedhu. Those who are separated so far will join to-gether now unmarried can get married.

Profession and Business:-
you can get improvement in your business /profession. Income will be higher than previous period. Some may start new profession/Business. Those who have estimated you in low cadre will be no where now. You may start new business, solely or jointly.

Educated will get good job; and if they try, there are chances for Government job. It is a good period for you.

Pariharam and worship:-
As Sani comes to 9th place of your Rasi, hidden obstacles will go. Worship family God,. Help poor people and their children for education. Worship Perumal, Anjaneyar on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Cautious Period: From 14-01-2010 To 30-05-20 & and 27-01-2011 to 13-06-2011

Very Good Period:- From 26-09-2009 To 13-01-2010 and 31-05-2010 To 20-01-2011
From 13-06-2011 To 27-11-2011

11) Kumbam:- (AQUARIUS) ( Avittam II, IV, Sadhayam, Poorattadhi I,II, III)

You may create surprises in your life, crack jokes etc. You mayb;e in b;etter position in Education, job, Government postings etc.,

During this period ‘Sani’ comes ;to 8th place of your Rasi. It is ‘Ashtamasani’. Moreover Guru is not in your favour you may have to face some problems, troubles; Wife’s health condition will be affected. Medical expenditure will be higher. Be careful.

Those who crossed 40 years may be affected by their health condition With more medical expenditure. Unnecessary expenditure is unavoidable. Some may go to foreign countries, and it may be a pilgrimage also. Loan dues will increase due to building construction, property purchasing etc., So, postpone all such activities for 2 years. Be careful with your friend. Untrust persons may create problems.

Profession and Business:-
Loss may be expected. Further investment in business may be a must. Problems from individuals, Government side are expected. Don’t trust any one and hand over business.

Educated can get job opportunities. Some may likely go to Foreign Countries. Don’t involve in love matters; as otherwise it will end in criminal and civil cases. However, bassed on the ;Dasa Buthis’ in your Horescope this impact of bad things will be lesser and good things will happen.

Pariharams and Worship:- Take Oil Bath on Saturdays and wear washed Clothe. Worship Anjaneyar, with offering Butter. Light ‘Agalvilakku’ before Kala Biravar on all Saturdays with 19 pepper tied in a white clothe with ghee. Offer food to physicallyl handicapped or Orphan on Sundays / Wedness days / Saturdays.

Cautious Period:- From 26-09-2009 to 13-01-2010 and from 31-05-2010 to 26-01-2011

Very Good Period:- From 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010 and 27-01-2011 To 12-06-2011.

12) Meenam:- (PIECES) ( Poorattathi IV, Uthirattathi, Revathi)

You will be a person with simplicity. You may be having faith in God, Religion, Sastras etc., you will fear about bad actings.

Now, during the Sani Peyarchi, Sani come to 7th place of your Rasi. This place denotes Joint activities, Wife, family etc., . So it will create problems in these cases. But, basing on your ‘Dasa Buthis’, such problems will go.

Some may have health problem. Couple’s health may b;e affected one after another. Be careful while traveling to avoid accidents. Discard new friends, Don’t trust any one and don’t stand on surety for others. There will be vast difference in income and expenditure. Don’t involve in any competition; and bad or preside over in any matter.

Profession and Business:- There may be dullness in your profession. You are likely to create problems with customers. Financial position may be decreased. You may run from pillar to post to avail loans. Don’t indulge in high handed /unplanned matters.

Educated will get job. They may also try to go to foreign countries. For job; You can expect problems from ladies side.

Ego problem may exist between couples. Unmarried may involve in love affairs and run hither and thither.

Pariharams and worship:
Hurdles in marriages is expected. On Thursday, worship Dakshinamoorthy with offerings of yellow cloth, Vilva leaf etc., worship Anjaneyar on all Saturdays. Worship regularly Perumal, Narayanan, Kala Bairavar. Help poor people, handicapped, persons and help poor students studies.

Cautious Period : From 26-09-2009 To 13-01-2010 and 31-05-2010 To 26-01-01-2011
From 13-06-2011 To 27-11-2011

Very Fine Period: From 14-01-2010 To 30-05-2010 and 27-01-2010 To 12-06-2011



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