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>THIS SOLAR ECLIPSE January 4, 2011 (13° மகரம் – Capricorn) | Timings in Chennai | Solar Eclipse Timing in India | Effects of Solar Eclipse 2011 January 4th | 04/01/2011 Solar Eclispe Affects | SOlar Eclipse Timings | Solar Eclipse Visible Locations

>This Solar Eclipse brings into the atmosphere of the earth the challenge of taking charge of your life. Over the next six months, situations will occur that teach you the value of not allowing yourself to over-react emotionally to changing situations. You will have a chance to learn the value of keeping a cool head that is aware of the opportunities for advancing toward your goals.

Since Capricorn rules CEOs, you’ll have a chance to take more responsibility for creating a successful outcome in an area that is important to you. This approach – being the person in charge of your life and making sensible choices – leads to a mind-set that shows you how to resolve problems in a way that yields self-respect.

Rather than trying to please an outer authority, this eclipse signals the time to begin learning the value of building a fine reputation by rising to the occasion and keeping your commitments. You are learning the importance of protocol and how to climb the ladder of success in all areas of life. This Solar Eclipse signals the time to begin to value and encourage the opportunity to create a personal victory in your own world.

On a global level, we will all become more aware of the importance of good government that is responsible to the world community. On a personal level, we’ll have the opportunity to become . . . . .

* Notes on Eclipses:

 If you have a natal planet within one degree of the degree of any eclipse, that area of your life is destined for awakening and transformation. A new cycle is scheduled to begin in the area of the planetary urge affected:

    * SUN:  the way you express your creative gifts

    * MOON:  your self-image

    * MERCURY:  the way you perceive life

    * VENUS:  your relationships, the way you express affection, what brings you pleasure               

    * MARS:  your initiative, your sex drive, and the way you assert yourself

    * JUPITER:  the way you respond to good luck opportunities for expansion

    * SATURN:  your sense of mission and purpose

    * URANUS:  your desires for excitement and aliveness in your life

    * NEPTUNE:  your idealism, fantasy and private dream

    * PLUTO:  the way you use power and relate to the challenge of change and transformation



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