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>You need to know your Vedic Moon Sign and read the 2011 horoscope for your Moon sign rather than your Sun Sign horoscope to read these predictions. Checkout the Rasi Palan 2011 below:

Mesha Rasi

2011 would be a dynamic and positive year. You will find hard work will hold the key to all progress and growth…. More

Vrishabha Rasi

2011 will bring some amount of challenges in the second half of 2011. You will begin the year in a growth and gain oriented phase… More

Mithun Rasi
2011 would be a positive year. You will find very good growth prospects and a jump in your earning after May 2011. Hard work… More

Kataka Rasi

2011 promises to be a super year for you. You will be high on luck as well as goodwill. Career will get into a phase of expansion… More

Simha Rasi
2011 would be a challenging year as you will find a combination of negativity and low confidence make way towards better luck… More

Kanya Rasi

2011 will bring in mixed circumstances during the year. You will feel a rise in pressures in personal matters between February 2011 and May 2011. New partnerships… More

Tula Rasi

2011 would be an eventful year. You will commence the year with a continuation in the vibrancy and expansion into new areas… More

Vrishchika Rasi

2011 will be a positive year too. You will get some exceptional results in money matters as well as career. Happy period… More

Dhanus Rasi

2011, would be a much better year as lot of issues get resolved, while mind would get clearer as the year progresses. The year… More

Makara Rasi

2011 is a positive year, although there will be some amount of hurdles and issues at times. You will experience that your luck… More

Kumbha Rasi

2011 will see some amount of rise in pressures. You will however get a lot of opportunities and new areas in work and finances… More

Meena Rasi

2011 would be better in principle, although hurdles would remain in place mostly on account of opposition to your ideas and career / home… More

As a whole major transits of planets during 2011 would be:

Jupiter begins the 2011in the zodiac sign of Pisces and moves onto Aries on 9th May 2011.

Saturn commences 2011 in Virgo and moves onto Libra on 15thNovember 2011.

Rahu & Ketu ( Dragon’s head & tail ) commence the year in Sagittarius & Gemini and move on to Scorpio & Taurus, respectively on 2nd May 2011.

The 2011 horoscope reading for all twelve signs is broadly divided into three periods 1st January 2011 to early May 2011, early May 2011 to 15th November 2011 & 16th November 2011 till end of the year.



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