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>Bollywood Welcomes Candice Boucher | Candice Boucher South African model to enter into Bollywood

>The girl who has bared it all for magazine shoots, will not shed her clothes and flaunt her hot body for Indian audiences to drool over in this untitled film for producer Prashant Chhada. She is aware how touchy and sensitive people in India are and she is not looking to invoke the wrath of the hardliners in her debut movie.

Candice told BT over phone from Morocco, “The scenes will be suggestive. But they won’t be glaring, bold scenes that make people feel uncomfortable. This is my first film and I’m very excited about it. I want people to look at my acting talent. I’m aware that India upholds its traditions and gives immense respect to girls.” The film is a slick, fast-paced espionage thriller about an informant who has to go undercover beyond enemy lines and help find out enough information to be able to save his brother and the nation from destruction at the hands of biological warfare. “I’m looking forward to shooting in India,” said Candice who will be in Mumbai for Christmas.

She has an extensive shooting schedule for Chhada’s film that sees Candice travel to Poland, Prague, Morocco, Berlin and Bangkok. But it’s India she is looking forward to most. “I love the vibe of Mumbai. It is like any other big world city, very warm and very cosmopolitan,” she said. Candice thinks Indian men “are very good looking and thorough gentlemen”.

She added, “They are very respectful towards girls and really care for them, a quality that not many men in other countries possess. That’s what is very attractive about Indian men. They make you feel safe and secure. Plus, they are good talkers and very intelligent so you are never deprived of a good conversation.”



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