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>Watch Again : survivor nicaragua winner, survivor nicaragua spoilers, survivor nicaragua, survivor, survivor finale | Who Won Survivor Nicaragua? 5 Reasons It’s No Surprise | ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ recap

>Dan Lembo, 63, from Water Mill, N.Y., was voted out of Nicaragua on part one of Sunday’s “Survivor” season 21 finale.

Find out what happened on part two of the ‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ season finale, including who won the $1 million grand prize

Dan became the target of Sash, Chase and Holly after Fabio won the episode’s immunity challenge. The trio wanted to get rid of Fabio because he was a physical threat and because he wasn’t disliked by anyone on the jury.

Fabio told Chase that he wanted to vote out Holly, but Chase wasn’t comfortable with that idea; he felt he had become too close with Holly during the game to vote her out now. Fabio let Dan know that the trio was planning to vote him out, and Dan immediately went to Sash to convince Sash that Holly was a much bigger threat. Fabio also made pleas to Sash to keep Dan, not because he wanted Dan in the Final 3 but because he knew Chase and Holly were too close, therefore needed to be split up immediately.



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