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The 2011 edition of the Kingfisher Calendar was released by bollywood actor Salman Khan on.December 19, 2010 in Mumbai.

After launching the calendare Salman Khan said “I have launched the Kingfisher calendar for the second time and I like Vijay Mallya . I think he is a great guy and whenever he will call me for anything, I’ll surely be present,” said Khan.

Sidhartha Mallya son of Vijay Mallya who was present during the launch said that the winner Angela Johnson radiates all the quality that Kingfisher stands for.

“Well, it is superb. I mean it was very overwhelming to be surrounded by so many beautiful women. And each one of them had an outstanding quality in their own way. But unfortunately one could win and Angela was a very worthy winner. She is a stunningly good-looking girl. She is a very sweet person and she radiates all that Kingfisher stands for,” said Sidhartha Mallya.

Fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar shot this calendar in Mauritius. It has six top swimsuit models.

“Well, the 2011 edition was shot in Mauritius. When we started the calendar in 2003, we shot in Mauritius, so it was a bit of a homecoming for us, which was nice. We shot in totally different parts of the country and the tourism authority has given us access to some unbelievable locations including the Casela Nature Park, where we shot with wild animals like cheetahs, lions and zebras,” said Kasbekar.



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