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A Software Engineer, Rajesh Gulati is reported to have mercilessly killed his wife Anupama at Dehradun on 18th October 2010, and after killing her, he cut her body into 72 pieces and stored the pieces in freezer, in the same house

He killed the wife by chocking her neck.

The crime came to light when the wife’s brothers didnt get a satisfactory reply regarding the where about of their sister .

The Dehradun Cantt. police on suspicion , raided the house of the accused and to their horrow they found that the man had not only killed his wife mercilessly but had also cut her into 72 pieces and had kept the pcs. in a deep freezer since oct .

This has sent a wave of shock and disbelief in Dehradun , the capital of Uttarakhand .

It is interesting to mention here that Rajesh and Anupama had love married in 1999, and had 4 year old twins.



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