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Mini S First Time – Xperia 10

Mini’s first time Sonny Ericsson is planning to launch their first ever Android based handset. Sony Ericsson new handset named XPERIA X10 will be in the market in next few months. The officials of SK telecom have revealed that the company is planning to launch the product with affordable prices in May.

The Chief Executive Officer Bert Nordberg told the media that the job of XPERIA X10 is almost done and we are planning to set the launching dates in next two months. Bert Nordberg further told that they want to share the smartphone markets with other companies like Nokia and Google.

According to the market trends, Sony Ericsson has not been very successful brand in the smartphone market and the mini first time will not be having a blasting kind of impact on the market, nevertheless in the beginning, XPERIA X10 will have some kind of undulation effects in the market. The mobile phone market has been dominated by LG and Samsung nowadays.

The features of XPERIA X10 is expected to be a complete package that include snapdragon 1 gigahertz Qualcomm’s QSD8250 processor with open based mobile operating system of Google.

More features of XPERIA X10 include media player with MP3 player, Google applications like Google earth and Google search engine, Gmail, Youtube and 8 megapixel cameras.

Sony Ericsson has also plans to launch the product in South Korea but analyst have the view that XPERIA X10 will not be having its impact in the Korean market keeping in view the market size of Korean mobile market as Korea claimed to be the most potential mobile market with more than 34 million mobile users.



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