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We’re no strangers to Elizabeth Hurley’s penchant for revealing her amazing body (who can forget the Versace safety-pin dress?). But if you thought that the 44-year-old was going to dress gently into the night with age, you thought wrong. Just check out this ensemble she wore to the Love Ball charity event in London. As you’ll notice, she’s missing a blouse.

The end effect of this left little to the imagination, and we saw a little more of Liz than we wanted to. The thing to think about of course, is whether this was a conscious and bold choice on her part or simply a rather unfortunate wardrobe accident. Certainly, her hubby Arun Nayar doesn’t seem too unhappy in the picture. We’re still undecided about what really happened. What do you think?

Was her transparent sari, minus a blouse, an attempt to shock or an accident?



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