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After two seasons, several fights, two arrests and an untold numbers of grenades, the “Jersey Shore” casting fabricated Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Alluring People of 2010″ list.

And what added good way for the fist-pumping affair aggregation to bless their consecration than by teaching Walters, 81, some of their lingo?

“I charge a lesson, because you accept your own language,” Walters said to the accumulated casting of MTV’s boozy hit on the ABC special, which aired Thursday night. She again ran bottomward some of the crew’s now-infamous lexicon, which the casting was added than blessed to bright up for her.

The Situation on GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry): “Almost like a agenda of what we would do aboriginal affair back we deathwatch up.”

Sitch after offered Walters some clarification/defense on “Grenade,” the guys’ arguable appellation for an airedale woman, saying, “It’s aloof amusing guy accent that absolutely nobody’s absolutely advised to hear.”

It took Walters a few account to get the argot bottomward right, but the host ashen no time already she got the adhere of it.

“So are you two ‘smushing?’” she asked the on-and-off brace Ronnie and Sammi, to action from the casting and a believing attending of abhorrence from Sammi.

LeBron James, Mark Zuckerberg, Sarah Palin and Afghanistan aggressive administrator Gen. David Petraeus were amid those who aggregate Walters’ Top 10 with the “Shore” casting (Petraeus took the top spot).

“I anticipate we’re all aloof one of a kind,” said Snooki back Walters asked if the casting begin themselves as alluring as she did. “And that’s why the actualization has become so huge.”



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