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>Molested : Gul Panag in marathon race molested by a couple of guys in Delhi | Gul Panag | Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2010 | Gul Panag Molested | Gul Panag Molested in Delhi: Gul Panag is a fitness freak | Groped in the Marathon |


Gul Panag is a Bollywood actress, model and former beauty queen who competed in the Miss Universe pageant. Gul Panag films include Dor, Manorama Six Feet Under, Hello and Straight. Delhi Marathon 2010 which has been took place on November 21, 2010 making the event an upset as Gul Panag in marathon race molested by a couple of guys in Delhi. On Sunday, 21st November, when Gul Panag participated in Half Marathon held in Delhi, she was groped by the men standing at the starting point. They took advantage of the crowd to feel her up and the actress was obviously quite taken aback by the whole indecent act.

It was a typical women-in-crowded-places syndrome and Gul being the fighter, instead of letting this event disturb her more than required, went ahead with the marathon and completed the run. Gul says that she has participated in several other marathons and has never experienced something like this before and blames it on the Delhi culture. She feels that compared to Mumbai, something like this is expected in Delhi, which is typical of that city.

The offenders on the other hand took advantage of the melee and got away. Gul too realised the futility of filing a complaint as she really cannot recognise the offenders considering the crowd of people. Though she did feel that no matter what the security, certain decorum is expected from participants.

Madan Chandra Prasad, a 33-year-old resident of Delhi, won the half marathon for touching Bollywood actress Gul Panag, which was organized on the sidelines of Delhi Half Marathon yesterday. Madan achieved this frequent feat (of touching women) after running 1.69 kilometers in little over seven minutes. An estimated 3000 like-minded men were taking part in this special half marathon for touching Gul.

“It feels good,” said an elated Madan, also referred to as MCP by his friends, who won a bet of 25,000 rupees from his friends for being the first one to touch the Bollywood actress and ex Miss India title holder.



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