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>Karthigai Deepam – Karthika Pournami Celebrations in Tamil Nadu | Vishnu Deepam – Karthigai Deepam Festival in Tamil Nadu | Karthigai Masam 2010 – Karthigai month 2010 in Tamil Calendar | Yanai Pandigai – Karthikai Deepam or Vishnu Deepam festival in Mandyam Iyengar community | Thiruvannamalai Karthikai Maha Deepam 2010 – Arunachaleshwara Karthigai Brahmotsavam | Karthigai Deepam 2010 – Karthigai Deepam 2010 date in Tamil Nadu


Today, 21-11-2010, Kruthigai Karthigai – Thirumangai Azhwar Thirunakshathram. Last of the 12 Azhwars and the Azhwar who sang most no of pAsurams (apart from nammazhwar) and travelled to 80+ divyadesham in his vaahanam (horse, name aadalmaa) and also took lot of efforts in building srirangam temple, started the adhyAyana uthsavam etc

Thirumangai Mannan is an important Azhwar for Ahobilam as well and naturally for its Mutt (Sri Ahobila Mutt), as the Azhwar did mangalasaasanam in this kshethram (comes in sambavanai kramam of the Sri matam). When listening to the vaibhavam of this Azhwar, for sure everyone will fall in love with him. Many Divyakshethrams has Vedu pari in their brahmothsavam. Let us hail Kaliyan who did enormous kaingaryams to Vaishnavism. Kaliyan apart from that also prophesied the birth of Swami Desikan 🙂  Kaliyan thiruvadigale saranam.



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