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Here are photos of David Darling Lori as we reached the bottom of a mother who police said asked a 16 year old boy in Texas. He is accused of texting nude photos of herself in suggestive poses for the child, pictures are not going to post here, but obviously.

In a biography, Lori David Darling is a mother of 37 and cute as a button and the form as you can see in his pictures below. She lives in Katy, Texas, where he worked as a volunteer at Taylor High School is where their child goes to school. She is apparently single now, thank God for what you get.
Police say she sent several photos x-rated for 16-year-old poses that any child would blush. His parents reportedly found graphic images on the device your child’s mobile phone. Kids, if you do not believe that their parents constantly rifle through your things, I have news for him. They do, and in this case was reported to police inappropriate relationship.

They say she sent images on October 14, 2010. According to the criminal complaint:

    The two began communicating through Facebook, email and text messaging each other on a regular basis. The applicant stated that discussions often sexual in nature, and on 14 October he received (naked) pictures of the defendant. “
He reportedly confessed to sending the images when confronted by the authorities. She was held in the Harris County Jail in Texas before posting bail on Thursday for $ 20,000. If it were a bond rate would be much higher, but luckily for her it seems pretty harmless and crying her eyes show the pain of being trapped.

Read more about this in several places, especially here and here. Lori David Darling Facebook page can be found here, though it’s only a news report rather than its official Facebook page.
Why do women do this? For sports, I suppose, sometimes for fun. I’m not one who sees these things as mental illness. People like sex, and sometimes women who are bored with your life do you want a thrill. However, if the child was indeed a child instead of an eager beaver friend of 16 years, I’d say throw the book against it. But it is not, and as a man who then knows what he is doing at that age. Everyone who reads this article gets. In my opinion this is a victimless crime, a crime only by arbitrary rules that vary by state.



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