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>Gene Shalit was born March 25, 1925; New York City, is a film and book critic. He has filled these roles on NBC’s The Today Show since January 15, 1973.

Gene Shalit will be leaving NBC’s Today show where he has been a fixture for the past 40 years. Shalit will make his final appearance (for now) on the top-rated morning program on Thursday.

He also made a cameo appearance in an episode of Family Guy in a cutaway gag, mugging Peter and talking in puns with movies. In another episode, Peter obtains the power of transformation. While in the form of Britney Spears he kisses Justin Timberlake and then turns into Shalit, exclaiming to a horrified Timberlake “I’m Gene Shalit now! BYE!”.

The “Today” show said it would air a salute to the 84-year-old Shalit on Thursday. Executive Producer Jim Bell says 40 years on the same show is “a feat unlikely to ever be matched.”



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