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>Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Song Sets Off Musical Debut For Will & Jada’s Girl | Watch willow smith whip my hair music video Online | Download Music Video


She’s already taken The Style World by storm, now pint-sized pop tart Willow Smith (The daughter of Hollywood heavyweights Will & Jada) is sashaying her way onto the Billboard charts with the release of what is believed to be her debut single, a fun and untempo banger titled “Whip My Hair!”

The mohawked 9-year-old with a curious fashion sense reportedly put down vocals on the song
in hopes of following in the musical footsteps of her famous mom and dad’s footsteps. Jada has masqueraded as a rock singer and long before he was an Oscar-nominated action star, “The Fresh Prince” was the first hip-hopster to ever bring home a Grammy.

The Rumor Mill is abuzz with whispers that Jay-Z is so impressed with Willow’s vocal prowess that he is considering adding her to the Roc Nation roster. Now we’re dying to hear from you! Will Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” find a home on your iPod?



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