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Manoj Tiwari is an Bihari actor, singer and director who acts in Bhojpuri films. He has been credited with reviving the Bhojpuri film industry.He has appeared in over 30 Bhojpuri language films. At the start of his career, he was famous as a playback singer which gained him widespread attention among film viewers. He later gained countrywide fame as an actor through his Bhojpuri films, mainly aimed at the family audience. He has given blockbusters likeBhole Shankar, Ganga and Gangotri.
Early life:

Tiwari was born on July 14, 1965 in the small village of Atarwalia near at Mohania, Kaimur district, Bihar, India. He later moved to Varanasi to pursue a career in music.


Tiwari began his career as a playback singer in 1996, singing more than 2,000 songs over 7 years. In 2003, he decided to become an actor and took a role in the film Sasura Bada Paise Wala. Made on a budget of Rs. 3 million, the film went on to gross over Rs. 200 million and established Tiwari as one of Bhojpuri cinema’s most successful actors. Tiwari followed with the financially successful films Daroga Babu I Love You and Bandhan Toote Na.In 2008, Tiwari entered Hindi cinema with a supporting role in Deshdrohi. He also tried his luck in politics by contesting election from GORAKHPUR CONSTITUENCY ON SAMAJWADI PARTY TICKET BUT LOOSED IT.

The same year the Dutch government issued a 44 Euro cent stamp with Tiwari’s image. Tiwari’s spokesman said that he is popular in the Netherlands because of the large population of Bhojpuri residents that live there.

Tiwari co-hosts the television reality programme Chak De Bachche along with model Roshni Chopra. He will make his directorial debut in 2010 with the Hindi language film Hello Darling which starsIshaa Koppikar and Celina Jaitley.

Tiwari continues to record music and release new albums. He performs around the world in concert, singing in a style that mixes traditional Bhojpuri folk songs with a more contemporary sound. Manoj Tiwari also says that he has been promoting Bhojpuri all over the world wherever there is a sizeable Bhojpuri population, like in Mauritius and Suriname which is a former Dutch colony. He has already opened Bhojpuri academies in various cities all over the world including Suriname.
Movie List:

    * 2003 – Sasura Bada Paisewala
    * 2005 – Daroga Babu I love You
    * 2005 – Bandhan Toote Na
    * 2006 – Ganga
    * 2006 – Ek Zakhm
    * 2007 – Thela No 501
    * 2007 – Gangotri
    * 2007 – Kab Aibu Anganwa Hamar
    * 2007 – Munna Pandey Berozgar
    * 2008 – Deshdrohi (Hindi)
    * 2008 – Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam (Hindi)
    * 2008 – Bhole Shankar
    * 2008 – Chotka Bhaiya Zindabad
    * 2010 – Hello Darling (Hindi)
    * 2010 – “sahr ke titili”


    * 2010 – Hello Darling



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