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Amshit Patel (born 13 January 1978 in Mumbai, India) is an Indian actor who works in Bollywood movies.

Ashmit Patel, another Bollywood star, entered the films with Vikram Bhatt’s Inteha. The film failed to make a mark in B-town, with Ashmit’s career failing to take off.

He is Amisha Patel’s younger brother and was involved in a famil feud. Another reason for his 10 minute fame was a controversial MMS scandal. This involved his girlfriend Ria Sen at that time.
Early life

Ashmit Patel is the son of Amit Patel and Asha Patel, younger brother of Amisha Patel. Ashmit’s name is derived from his parent’s name (Asha+Amit=Ash+mit). He worked in his father’s business for a while, before he decided to take a step and act in films like his sister Amisha.

Before that he was studying in the United States at the University of Texas at Austin where he received a bachelors degree in 2000.
Personal Life:

His sister is Amisha Patel is also an Indian film actor. Asmit patel has played an impressive role in murder as a computer engineer and Ashmit is write now in big boss season 4 with 13 other contesstants and he is one of the favourates to win the Bigg Boss season 4

    * Inteha (2003) …. Ranbir Oberoi/Vikram Rathore/Rakesh Sharma
    * Murder (2004) …. Sudhir Saigal
    * Nazar (2005) …. Rohan Sethi
    * Silsilay (2005) …. Nikhil
    * Fight Club – Members Only (2006) …. Dinesh
    * Banaras: A Mystic Love Story (2006) …. Soham
    * Dil Diya Hai (2006) …. Kunaal Malik
    * Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana (2006) …… Amar
    * Friends Forever (2009) (Post-Production)
    * The Flag (2009) (Post Production)
    * Toss (2009) …. Josh
    * Florida Road (2009) (Under Production)

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