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>The “Endhiran (Robo or The Robot  in Hindi)” is a Tamil science fiction movie, directed by S.Shankar casting superstar Rajnikanth’s and Aishwarya’s multi-bonanza movie was released on October 1. The movie was originally planned to release on September 24 but due to clash of Ayodhya verdict its releasing date was moved to October 1.

In this movie Rajinikanth is in double roles, as a science professor and a tremendous intelligent robot. Aishwarya and Danny Denzongpa play other lead roles. It is the most expensive movie ever made in Asia, produced by Kalanidhi Maran. After release, for an indian movie it made the largest worldwide opening.

Endhiran Movie starring South Indian Star Rajinikanth has hit a total of 3000 theaters all over the world. Endhiran has been released in three languages that are Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. Endhiran is the name of Tamil version while it is named as Robot and Robo in Hindi and Telugu versions respectively.

The Movie Endhiran has been reported to have a record opening in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Also Endhiran has been released overseas in US and UK. Endhiran was sold its rights to to FICUS Movies which is an US based Production company for its release in US.

It is expected that the film is a business of about Rs 400-Rs 450 per month. The film has RS 190 crore.

The film Endhiran were made in three languages, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. movie saw record for the opening of South India, North India, but it dragged Anjaana Anjaani release.

There is no news about the actual collection of Endhiran. Endhiran First Day Collection will however be very nice as it is being booked already for weeks so, its craze in people can be assumed. Endhiran First Day Collection will be updated soon on this site as we will get the exact figure in our hands. Endhiran First Day Collection would however be something which would have never been assumed.



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