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>INDIA and USA witnessing the Partial Lunar and Solar Eclipse 2010 June | Timings | 2010 Phase | penumbral eclipse | NASA

>Western Region of United states must get up early in the morning to witness the spectacle in the sky. This partial Lunar eclipse is beginning at 2.17 AM and last for 80 minutes (that is 1 Hour and 20 mins). Will be completing the eclipse around 5.38AM in the early morning. This is nothing but the earth is coming exactly in line between the Moon and the sun.  And the shadow of the earth falls on the Moon. This is the Phenomenon which everyone can understand.

NASA has mentioned that the countries like India, Japan and parts of eastern Asia will witness the spectacle twice once when the moon is rising in the evening and the other when it is setting during the night. This eclipse is a part of Lunar Saros 120 series, repeating every 18 years and 10 days, last occurring on June 15, 1992, and will next repeat on July 6, 2028. This series is winding down: The final total eclipse of this series was on May 14, 1938 and the final partial lunar eclipse will be on July 28, 2064.

In India however the penumbral eclipse will begin at 1427 hours and end at 1949 hours, while the partial phase of the eclipse will start at 1546 hours and end at 1829 hours. Parts of northeast India will witness the moon rising in the eclipse, whereas rest of the country will be disappointed. The eclipse will be at maximum at 1708 hours. During the phenomenon, 53 per cent of the moon disc will be covered by the umbral or the dark part of the earth’s shadow. The entire event can be watched with naked eyes but a binocular or a telescope may provide a detailed vision.

Another very interesting event that can be seen in the night sky of sky today is the opposition of Pluto. Opposition in astronomy means when a celestial object is on the opposite of the sky from the sun, when viewed from the earth.

So, go get your astronomy glasses out and get ready to witness the astro phenomena today



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