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>NCAA Championship Live Duke VS Butler Gametime | Mens Basketball | Final Four Championship 2010 | Free Live Streaming Watch Results Score.

>This will be the first NCAA championship appearance of the Butler Bulldogs. No one is expecting them to make it to the finals but they defied all odds by beating the top-seeded Syracuse and the second seeded Kansas State to enter in the Final Four. Butler took out Michigan State, who has been a regular Final Four contender with a score of 52-50. Butler has an over-all season record of 33-4.

The Duke Blue Devils on the other hand has already won three titles in the past. With an over-all record of 34-5, Duke was the sole number-one seed team to make it to the Final Four. Duke took out West Virginia, 78-57, to make it to the NCAA championship game.

The Butler will surely be the underdog for this game but they will probably have the crowd advantage as the game is set to take place not far away from Butler campus. Who will take the 2010 NCAA Tournament Championship crown? Take your pick. Check back here for more updates on 2010 NCAA Tournament Championships – Duke vs. Butler – Free Live Online Streaming.

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