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Ayesha Siddiqui Father MA Siddiqui said that Shoiab Married Auesha via a telephonic nikah (marriage) in June 2002, has slammed the cricketer saying that Shoiab is still married to his daughter and that Sania would be his second wife not the first. MA Siddiqui has said he will take legal recourse and take Shoaib o court as he has wronged the Siddiqui family. “As per law, Ayesha will be the first wife and Sania will be second. I want divorce for my daughter. I will seek legal recourse. I will sue Shoiab because he has wronged us,” Siddiqui was quoted as saying on Wednesday.

Shams Babar, a doctor and family friend of the Siddiquis, told reporters that they had medical evidence to prove the miscarriage by Ayesha and that Shoaib was the father. ‘‘The Central Crime Station, handling the case, is likely to get this medical evidence on Tuesday,’’ a top official heading the probes told TOI. Babar was, however, unwilling to say when the miscarriage took place. But police said it was the business of Shoaib to prove that the nikahnama is false even though they would do a forensic examination to check the authenticity.

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