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THERE ARE rumors flying around that the famous Tamil comedy actor Goundamani is dead. He was not well for the past few days and was admitted in a private hospital in Chennai. The hospital sources said that he was suffering from breathing trouble. Hearing the death rumour many celebrities and socialites rushed to the hospital. It is yet not confirmed whether he is alive or not. However unconfirmed reports suggest that the actor is in stable condition.
It might be recollected that Goundamani and Senthil comedy combination ruled the Tamil Film Industry for almost a decade. Goundamani shot to fame through his Vazhaipazham(Banana) joke through Karagattakaran movie. Hailing from Kannampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, gained entry in Kollywood doing small roles. It was only after he turned into a comedian, he shot into limelight. Goundamani and Sathyaraj pair were a deadly comedy package with thier coimbatore accent and slang.His actual name is Mani but he famously portrayed the role of a Oor-Goundeer in one of his Stage plays and from then on he came to be known as Goundamani.He is known in Tamil cinema for his insult comedy and rude remarks. He was the comedian that Tamil cinema was mostly interested . His last movie was in Sarathkumar’s Jagghubhai.

Goundamani has acted in almost around 800 movies and has acted as an Hero in couple of movies. There was a long gap in his career before jagghubhai. Goundamani is a household name in Tamil naddu and his name always goes in hand with Senthil .Goundamani had a strong theatrical background. This helped him in gaining entry into the Tamil Movie Industry.



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