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>Playstation Down For Heavy Rain | Sony Announced | code error f problem | error f takes down playstation network | playstation error f takes down playstation network playstation | news results | playstation network down psn | playstation network down so are lots of pss update |

>Sony’s PlayStation 3 appears to be in the throes of an inadvertent global gaming lockdown, suffering from an unidentified glitch that prevents gamers from playing specific games whether online or offline. The issue appears to be related to the monthly turnover (February to March, last night) and occurs whether you’re connected to the Internet or not. The company isn’t responding to press emails at this time or detailing what the problem is, only that it’s working on an “issue” and attempting “to restore service to all.”

Meanwhile, Owners of Slim model PS3s shouldn’t have any trouble connecting, but Sony isn’t saying exactly when it will be fixed for those who have been affected. Sony engineers are reportedly hard at work to rectify the issue as we speak, but there is a rumour (and it is purely forum rumours at the moment) that Sony might need to issue a recall to manually reset the affected systems.

We doubt that this will ultimately be necessary, eitherway, it’s annoying enough that these little issues keep cropping up on an otherwise excellent gaming platform, so we can only hope that Sony manage to get a fix out soon.



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