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>Scotty Lago Party Pics Controversy | Scotty Lago Apologised | Party Pictures and Photos

>Finally we got the Scotty Lago Conterversy pictures.

Olympian Scotty Lago, winner of the bronze medal in the men’s half pipe snowboarding event Wednesday is in news for his racy pictures and due to these leaked pictures he left the Vancouver City on Friday soon after the eruption of the controversy. The website that first leaked his pictures was TMZ.com but after that many other websites also leaked his pictures thus creating buzz in online scenario. The first picture showed that he was with a girl and the girl was kissing his lower part by kneeling down to him. While in the second picture it was shown that the girl was biting the medal. Lago who is 22 years old was snapped on a public street late Thursday in Vancouver allowing a woman to kiss his bronze medal around his waist and the hardware hung over his groin area. At that time he was in a party wearing a team U.S T-shirt. His pictures have created Buzz on the Internet and many people are searching for his pictures, as the Internet is flooded with pictures of this strange position.

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