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>Results: SuperBowl 2010 Scores and Super bowl Updates | Indianapolis Colts | New Orleans Saints | Drew Brees


Super Bowl 2010 Results: Super Bowl 2010 Scores – Super Bowl 2010 Update – The biggest game is over between Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. The Colts leads first but at the end, they lost the game with the score 31 – 17 against the Saints. Today, February 7, 2010, is the greatest day in Super Bowl history as the New Orleans Saints became the champion in the Super Bowl 2010.
Drew Brees was awarded as the Most Valuable Player for the Super Bowl 2010. Drew Brees had 32 of 39 passes for 288 yards and a pair of touchdowns with no interceptions in the victory. He set a career-high with 6 touchdowns, going 26 for 34 with 358 yards with a quarterback rating of 137.00 during their first game against Detroit Lions in 2009.
The Super Bowl 2010 championship which held in Sun Life Stadium, Miami Gardens in Miami South Florida has finally ended and the most awaited event is over. The fans of both teams enjoyed watching the live game of the Super Bowl 2010.



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