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>Alabama : Discovery Middle School Shooting, a ninth grader was shot | 14 Years Old |

>A 14 year old  ninth grader shot another ninth grader at the head in their school at Madison, Alabama. The victim was confirmed to be Todd T. Brown. He was transported to a hospital, and said to be in a critical condition. They said that Brown was just walking down the hallway as he was shot by the ninth grader.

No one knows what the motive of the shooter, or what provoked him to shoot Brown. He is now in the custody of the police.

The school statement says:
“Shooting at Discovery – Today, a ninth grade student at Discovery Middle School was shot by another ninth grade student. The shooting victim has been transported to the hospital. The alleged shooter is in police custody. No other students or faculty members at Discovery were harmed by the alleged shooter. Discovery Middle School students will be dismissed at regular time.”

We hope for the survival of Todd Brown. He’s now in the care of Huntsville Hospital. This incident is known as Discovery Middle School Shooting.

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