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>Celebrity Look Alikes Generator link | Facebook | Face Resemblance | Face Book Doppelganger

>Despite of thoughts on violation of the TOS, people are still making a lot of fun out of it. If you are interested, try checking out who your celebrity look-alikes are using the generator. You can post it on Facebook Doppelganger and be the Celebrity Doppelganger of the Week.  For more details as to where to create this generator, check out the details first on what you need to know before you do these things. You might be affecting the rights of others and the TOS of the company.


The Celebrity Look-alikes Generator on Facebook Doppelganger is said to be a violation of the Terms of Service. It completely breaks the TOS due to the fact that you do this by replacing your profile photo with the celebrity look-alike. It’s harmless if you think about it, but this is actually a violation of Facebook’s TOS, which strictly forbids the uploading of copyrighted images and artwork that you haven’t got permission or rights to have on your corner. Where should the rights of Copyright have left? By knowing this, you can still have a chance to get the Celebrity Look-alike Generator for the Facebook Doppelganger Week. Just check out the source list right below.

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