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>Lost Spoilers Season 6 | LOST Season 6 Spoilers | Premiere | Theories

>Lost Season 6 Theories – People are looking for the episode, spoilers, theories in a television show, the Lost Season 6. Lost Season 6 Theories is an American drama television series that follows the live of plane crash survivors on a mysterious topical island. The commercial passenger jet flying between Sydney and Los Angeles that crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. The Lost first episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004. The Lost Season 6 Theories airs on the American Broadcasting Company “ABC” in the United States and on regional networks in other countries.

The Lost will end during the 2009–2010 season with a “highly anticipated and shocking finale,” ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson announced on May 7, 2007. The final 48 episodes would have been aired as three seasons with 16 episodes each, with Lost concluding in its sixth season. The Lost Season 6 Theories was planned to have 17 episodes and it was announced that the final season will feature an additional hour, making the number of episodes 18 on June 29, 2010.

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