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Regardless of which state you live in, you’ll receive a weekly unemployment benefit based on how long you were employed and your prior wages.

pennsylvania-pa-unemployment-biweekly-claim-phone-numberPennsylvania (PA) unemployment biweekly claim phone number check out here. The best way to file your biweekly claim is online from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday, and 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

You also can file by phone by using the automated PA Teleclaims, or PAT, system. Call 1-888-255-4728 (TTY services for the deaf and hard of hearing: 1-888-411-4728), from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday, and 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. If your Social Security number ends in an even number, call on Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday. If it ends in an odd number, call on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

How to File a Biweekly Claim by Telephone: You must file your biweekly claim in a timely manner. You may not claim benefits for the first week until the second week may also be claimed. PAT will accept a biweekly claim only during the Sunday through Friday period immediately following the two weeks you are claiming. If you do not file your claim on time, call the UC Service Center to determine if you qualify to file a late claim. If you need help or have questions about filing your biweekly claim through PAT, call your UC office for assistance.

PAT will begin by asking if your address has changed and if you want to file for the week specified. In addition, PAT will ask you questions regarding any work performed, if any holiday pay or vacation pay was designated for that week and if you were able and available for work. You will answer each question by pressing “1″ for “yes” and “2″ for “no” on your telephone keypad.

If you had earnings during the week you are claiming, you will be instructed to enter the gross amount of earnings. You must report all earnings for any work you performed, even if you have not yet been paid. If you were absent from work when work was available, you will be instructed to enterthe gross earnings you would have earned if you had not been absent. If you received or will receive holiday or vacation pay for the week you are claiming, you will be instructed to enter the gross amount of holiday or vacation pay. You must report holiday or vacation pay in the week the holiday or vacation occurs, not when paid. PAT will instruct you to enter the gross amount of earnings, the gross earnings you would have earned when absent from work, gross holiday pay and gross vacation pay separately.

Note: All reported earnings, vacation pay and holiday pay are subject to verification with your employer. Therefore, it is important for you to provide complete and accurate information.
After you have completed the certification questions, you may choose to: (1) have your answers repeated; (2) clear your answers and begin again; or (3) have yourclaim processed. If a second week is available for you to claim, PAT will begin the certification process for the second week by asking if you wish to file for benefits for the claim week ending [PAT will state the available week]. PAT will ask if your answers for the second week are the same as they were for the first week. If your answers are the same, you will not need to listen to and respond to all the questions again. If the answers for the second week are not the same, PAT will present you with the questions for the second week.
PAT will inform you that your claim has been accepted or that your answers have been saved. If you meet all eligibility requirements, your claim will be processed immediately. When you indicate that:

    * your address is not correct;
    * you are working for an employer that is different than your previous one;
    * you worked the first week, but not the second week; and,
    * you are not able and available for work,

PAT will transfer your call to a UC Service Center so you may provide further information to a claims representative.

Important: Do not hang up the telephone until PAT tells you that your claim has been accepted or that your answers have been saved. If you hang up the telephone or get disconnected before PAT tells you that yourclaim has been accepted, you will have to call again to file your claim for benefits.

Phone numbers:

(610) 821-6659
(814) 941-6849
(412) 267-1494
(814) 878-5700
(724) 599-1004
(717) 299-7560
(215) 560-1978
(570) 562-4800
Scranton TTY:
(570) 562-4870

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