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>Handling Facebook Effectively | New Tricks and Tips | Safety measures |

>1 Decluttering Your Homepage

I dont like having the facebook page cluttered with all the activities and other junks from my friends, who always playing games on facebook.I didnt mean that this offense in playing games, for sure they will be having lot of fun in games like “So and so robbed Don Purtino’s mafia in Mafia Wars” and “Blah caught a Scavenger mouse in MouseHunt”. Because of the junk activities, I miss most of my friends important activities.

Here’s the good news: You can configure your homepage so it doesn’t display these stories anymore! If you hover your mouse on a story on your homepage, a Hide tab will appear on its upper right corner. Click on it and you are given two options:
Hide the person publishing the story
Hide the application the story is from.

I usually hide the application.

2 Using Homepage Filters

To go back to viewing the activities of all your friends, click on News Feed at the top of the filters.

It’s also easy to create or reorder filters. To create filters if you haven’t grouped your friends yet, click Create. Type in the name of your filter and add some friends to it. To reorder, click on More at the bottom and drag the filters around. Just so you know, only the items above the double line show up by default when you visit your homepage. If you want to delete filters, click Create, select the filter you want to delete and click Delete This List.  Remember to save your changes!

3. Customizing Info Privacy

Here’s how:

   1. Click the Info tab on your profile.
   2. Hover your mouse over the Contact Information portion.
   3. Click on the Edit button that appears on its upper right corner.
   4. Click on the padlock icon next to each item and select Customize.
   5. Select Some Friends and choose only the friends or networks that you want to allow. You can even put exceptions.

4. Cleaning Up Your Wall

Has your wall ever gotten hijacked by notifications such as “Blah started the quiz: Dr. Phil’s Personality Test” then “Blah completed the quiz: Dr. Phil’s Personality Test with the result The Vain, Self-Centered Leader” followed by a big story stating the same thing.  Get rid of the duplicates by clicking on the Remove button that appears to its right when you hover on it!  I’ve seen so many walls overrun by these useless notifications.  I also remove the notifications that appear on my wall when I change some information on my profile.  I like things neat and organized.  (Which is why I hate that the current Facebook rearranges posts on my wall every now and then instead of following a chronological order.)

5. Tagging People In Notes

6. Writing Notes



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