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>Official Original Soundtrack | Twilight | Saga | New Moon | Loved

>This is the official soundtrack for twilight. Director Catherine Hardwicke in a interview revealed about the alternative rock band muse and later revealed the “Supermassive Black Hole”, included in the sound track.

Download Sound Track

Song: “Supermassive Black Hole
Artist: Muse
Scene: The Cullens play baseball
Length: 3:31

Song: “Decode
Artist: Paramore
Scene: Credits
Length: 4:21

Song: “Full Moon
Artist: Black Ghosts
Scene: Bella travels to Forks
Length: 3:50

Song: “Leave Out All the Rest
Artist: Linkin Park
Scene: Credits
Length: 3:19

Song: “Spotlight (Twilight Mix)
Artist: by Mute Math
Edward and Bella go to school together for the first time
Length: 3:20

Song: “Go All the Way (Into the Twilight)
Artist: Perry Farrell
Scene: The prom
Length: 3:27

Song: “Tremble for My Beloved
Artist: Collective Soul
Scene: Bella nearly crushed by a van and Edward saves her
Length: 3:53

Song: “I Caught Myself
Artist: Paramore
Scene: Bella, Jessica and Angela shop for prom dresses in Port Angeles
Length: 3:55

Song: “Eyes on Fire
Artist: Blue Foundation
Scene: Edward doesn’t come to school
Length: 5:01

Song: Never Think
Artist: Robert Pattinson
Scene: Bella and Edward at a restaurant in Port Angeles
Length: 4:30

Song: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Artist: Iron & Wine
Scene: Bella and Edward dance at the prom
Length: 4:02

Song: “Bella’s Lullaby
Artist: Carter Burwell
Scene: Edward plays piano for Bella
Length: 2:20

Download Sound Track [Link]



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