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>Ratha Saptami 2010 | Surya Jayanthi | What and How to do this festival | Rath Saptami 2010

Early Morning in Tirumala, Lord venkat will be blessing the devotees in Surya Vahanam. This is also named to be one day Brahmotsavam. All the vahanas of lord venkateshwara will be blessing the devotees. It is a most awailted festival of the year.

Requirements for Rath Saptami Puja

* Lord Surya Image or Painting or Idol
* Fragrant flowers and leaves that are usually used for Poja
* Uncooked Rice
* Green Bananas
* Bananas and other local fruits
* Sesame seeds
* Coconut
* Betel leaves
* Betel nuts
* Jaggery (Sugar)
* Turmeric powder

Whole house should be cleaned and festoons of leaves (mango tree leaf) shall be hanged in important places (Entrances of every room) on the previous day or before few hours of puja.

How to take bath on Sapatami day:

Take Milweed leaves and wash hair on the same day (Erukku leaf), because it has therauptic and curative powers.Some places of the country they use raw rice with turmeric powder (only ladies) for the bath.

Few Years back this happens in holy river. People march towards the river in the early morning before sun rise and takes bath with seven erukku leaf on their head.

After this holy body purification, follows the rangoli (Kolam) with the drawings of lord surya on a chariot as shown in the picture.

Mantras to be chanted on Maha (Ratha) saptami:

* Surya Sahasranama
* Aditya Hridayam
* Gayatri Mantra and other usual prayers.

Process of the puja:

1. Starts with a lighting lamp along with chanting ganesha matras.
2. Some devotees, takes blessings from family family deity (Kula Deivam)
3. Mix turmeric with raw rice and place near ganesha.
4. The Surya Puja commences by first anointing the chariot (Ratha) of Surya with turmeric and kumkuma.
5. Sugar, Raw rice, lentils, flowers, turmeric mixed with uncooked rice is kept on the Ratha (chariot).
6. Offer betel leaves, betel nuts, coconut and yellow bananas, fruits and milk during the puja to lord surya.
7. Start performing AArthi in the same way you do daily.
8. Now Surya slokas or mantras can be chanted to lord surya. Most devotees elaborate suryanarayana puja.

Food to be prepared on this puja :

Sweet pongal and Vadai are offered to Surya by some people during puja. The same will be distributed as Prasadam.

Wanna more details about this festival? click here

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