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Download Video – Part1 Scandal [Link]

Download Video – Part2 Scandal [Link]

It is really disastrous to see that heroines are so dumped down into pathetic scenarios. Earlier, it was Trisha’s bathroom clipping, Nayanthara’s liplock with Simbhu and now Namitha’s dress changing clippings. Buzzes are that Namitha was changing her dress in her caravan while shooting for Jagan Mohini while shooting at Madurai.

The actress has been making it a point in recent times that she stays in her relatives’ house wherever she is shooting to avoid turmoils in hotel bathrooms. None are aware about cameras being fixed at their bathrooms. However, Namitha who is in Mumbai is shocked to hear the shocking news.

This is something disastrous and should be put to an end….

Download Video [Link]
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