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>Is Walmart open on Christmas 2009 | After sale Offers | Open Time Schedules | Sales | xmas sale

>Day After Christmas Sales 2009: What to buy on the 2009 day after Christmas sales? Walmart After Christmas Ads, Target After Christmas
Deals, Macy’s After Christmas Clearances, Best Buy After Christmas Electronics, HDTV Sales, Circuit City After Christmas Electronics Discounts, Amazon After Christmas Clearance. In short, excess inventory from the slow holiday shopping season that stores are willing to part with for even less the price they offered before the holidays. This is the reason why it’s called the “second Black Friday” of the year.

Is Walmart open on Christmas? Does Walmart open for day after Christmas sales? Well, it depends on the Walmart in your area. Some Walmart sores, others don’t. But in the big cities, Walmart does open to offer more incredible discounts.

What Time Does Walmart Close on Christmas Eve? Is Walmart open on Christmas? And finally, What are Walmart Store Hours? Last minute Christmas shopping? Everyone wants to know what time Walmart closes on the holidays, and if Walmart is open or closed on Christmas Day or New Years.

To be absolutely correct, we called each of the Rhode Island Walmart stores listed below and got a real person on the phone. These are Walmart’s hours as reported by store officials. Merry Christmas!

Rhode Island Walmart Locations

* Wal-Mart, 1173 Tiogue Avenue, Coventry, Phone:(401) 823-7780
* Wal-Mart, 1776 Plainfield Pike, Cranston, Phone:(401) 946-2030
* Wal-Mart, 1031 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown, Phone:(401) 294-0025
* Wal-Mart, 840 Post Road, Warwick, Phone:(401) 781-2233
* Wal-Mart, 258 Post Road, Westerly, Phone:(401) 322-0790
* Wal-Mart, 1919 Diamond Hill Rd, Phone:(401) 762-0640

What Time Do Rhode Island Walmarts Close on Christmas Eve?

* All Rhode Island Walmart locations close at 8:00pm on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Is Walmart Open on Christmas Day?

* No. All Rhode Island Walmart locations are closed all day on Christmas. Walmart resumes their normal business hours on Saturday morning, December 26th. Check your local sales flyers for amazing deals on everything from HD TV’s to digital cameras and video games.



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