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>Tiger Woods scandal update – pictures | Jamie Grubbs Recording | Rachel Uchitel

>Just when I thought this was no longer a Google Trend, it’s back hotter than ever, and as of this writing listed “Volcanic”. The latest Tiger Woods scandal update has news about mistress Rachel Uchitel and the assumed payoff from Woods, one publications’ need to dig into the past of the other mistress, Jamie Grubbs, and new pictures.

First, TMZ reports that Tiger Woods never paid off Rachel Uchitel to stop the press conference that was scheduled to be held Thursday. The news counters RadarOnline.com’s assertion that Woods did pay Uchitel.

Rachel Uchitel
Uchitel reportedly called the press conference off Wednesday, after a long talk with Woods and his people because of her concern for her safety. Apparently she knows “too much” about Woods with other women and other personal details such that a news conference would have at the very least started a massive public PR battle between Rachel and Tiger.

TMZ’s sources explain that Rachel’s not afraid of Tiger Woods, but is concerned about how other people not named would be impacted by what she said. So Rachel’s just going to go into hiding for a while. Let’s hope her personal safety is maintained. Having something negative happen to her after that disclosure would only reopen the scandal as a criminal investigation and that would be massively bad for Tiger Woods.

Massively bad is the sudden negative press Woods other girlfriend Jamie Grubbs is getting today. CBS News.com has a new set of pictures and information about Jamie Grubbs “criminal record” posted on its Crimeinsider website.

Why “Crimeinsider”? Because EOnline reports Grubbs was arrested for shoplifting a coat in 2004 and a credit card balance EOnline says she didn’t pay (which is dangerous territory to wade into because such issues are generally resolved). It seems to me that EOnline think’s it’s ok to defame Jamie Grubbs character and I’m guessing the reason is that some PR effort has been launched to attack her.

For example, RadarOnline reports that Grubbs recently worked in a medical marijuana “pharmacy.” Reporting that is also wrong-headed because the next question is did Tiger take a medicinal toke?

Why all the negative press about Grubbs?

Because unlike Rachel Uchitel and Kamile Moquin who didn’t talk about their Woods encounters, Jamie Grubbs was rumored to have received $150,000 by US Weekly to talk about her affair and turn over the now infamous voicemail recording of Tiger Woods asking her to take her name off her phone.

Jamie Grubbs’ action torpedoed Tiger Woods’ public image in a way that the Thanksgiving night accident had not. But, in a day when millions of people, including me and Paris Hilton, have DUIs, I’m not sure what good dishing on her so-called “record” will do and it could open EOnline and RadarOnline to a lawsuit from Jamie Grubbs.


If you’re looking for revealing photos of Jamie Grubbs and visit the site with that objective, you’re going to get punked because there’s nothing special or revealing about them. But if you have to go there to see for yourself, click here, then come back here.

Reports: Woods offered $80 million prenup to Elin

Meanwhile, reports are surfacing, starting with New York Magazine, that Tiger Woods offered his wife Elin Nordegren an $80 million revised prenuptial agreement. Finally, in what would certainly be a show with ratings to blow away those gained when she had Sarah Palin as a guest, Oprah Winfrey’s reaching out to Tiger to come and talk.

Stay tuned. This story will last for another week.



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