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>Assassin’s Creed II – Glyphs and statuettes guide | assassins creed 2 glyph guide

>If you’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed II for a while, you already know that the 100 hidden feathers that litter the game are only the beginning of what the game offers obsessive collector-types. The real prizes are the Glyphs, 20 semi-hidden signs left plastered on certain landmarks, which were hacked into the Animus by the mysterious Subject 16. Once you’ve found them – which can be tough considering the size of some of the marked buildings – you’ll then be tasked with solving a brief series of puzzles before you can crack the increasingly horrifying conspiracy story within. And after that’s all done, you can finally piece together the snippets of video left behind by Subject 16 and figure out who this woman is:

Above: As if you haven’t already guessed

Read on, and we’ll show you where every last Glyph is hiding and the solutions to their puzzles (in a separate section) – and, as a bonus, we’ll also show you where to find all the statues in Monteriggioni, so you can pocket an easy 8,000 florins and the Myth Maker Achievement/Trophy.



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