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YET ANOTHER wonder from Big B, Paa is a treat to watch. Touching on a very different subject line, Amitabh Bachchan as Auro is unbelievably outstanding. The movie cleary establishes how Indian film industry is trying to push the boundaries to a different level. Paa is a brilliant movie with some of the outstanding performances of the year. With a phenomenal storyline, Paa not only touches the heart of the movie buffs but also brings in few tears to even the hardest of hearts.

Auro is a 13-year old progeria patient, a disease which causes accelerated ageing. Defying his looks of a 65-year-old, Auro is the same naughty 13-year old boy, who runs around, asks for piggybacks and plays in puddle. Auro has completely percolated down into Amitabh, it is only the vulnerability of the character that touches you, not the trademark baritone voice of Amitabh.

Balaki has played safe and kept the movie simple and subtle, which just increases its face value.

Amitabh Bachchan takes the levels of acting to a higher transcend. Even though the movie revolves around ‘Auro’, other actors manages to leave their impression especially Abhishek Bachchan, who has played the father of Auro in the movie. The confidence of a young politician and the conflict of a young father have been portrayed very well by him.

Vidya Balan needs an appluase for picking up this character, which many actresses of the day would not have dared to take. she plays the role of a mother effortlessly and her depiction of a young mother is commendable. Though Paa is a father-son stpry but the stpry of mother-son in the movie does leave an impact.

Paa is a movie about a ‘father-son’ relationship. The movie pulls in some dry humor and includes director’s personal views on issues from politics to motherhood. The movie remains lighthearted and touches the heart subtly to a rather deeper level.

The movie will let you get involved in the journey of Auro and a father-son relationship. It is a rather simple story about relationships, told in a very subte and heart touching manner.

Yet Another Wonders in the BIG B’s Film….



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