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>Secure your iPhone From Virus Attack

If you are using the Jailbreak iphone than you have to worry about new iPhone Worm, Some of the Apple iPhone users in Australia have reported that their iPhones have become infected by a worm, which changes your iPhone wallpaper to a picture of 1980s pop singer and internet meme Rick Astley. The worm targets users who have jailbroken their phone but have not changed their default root login password. So here is the Guide to Secure your iphone from these Virus and Worms. Read more about iPhone worm here

1. Go to cydia and look for “MobileTerminal” and install the app, then reboot your iPhone.

2. Run MobileTerminal, This program will be on your SpringBoard are called “Terminal”.

3. Obtain Administrator Access, Run “su root” and provide the root password. The default password as provided by Apple is “alpine”.

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4. Change the root Password

Run “passwd” and type in your new password twice. Please note that your keypresses will not be displayed on the terminal screen (for security).

iPhone:~ root# passwd
Changing password for root.
New password:
Retype new password:
iPhone:~ root#

5. Close MobileTerminal

Congratulations! Your job is done!



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