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>Internet Addiction – Disturbing Social life?


Computer internet addiction is in some places of the world, a worryingly widespread condition. In fact, there are now organizations set up that deal exclusively with people are who are addicted to the computer and internet. These places are similar to the well established Alcohol Anonymous.

People become addicted to the computer and internet via a few different channels. There are however just a few that keep coming up as the most common computer internet addictions. These are online games and computer games in general, internet chat rooms and lastly, pornography online.

There are two types of computer games; online and offline. Offline games do not generally have the same addictive nature that online games do. This is because online games require a lot of time and effort and are generally much more competitive. People immerse themselves in online gaming worlds and consequently can become addicted. Some examples of online games that have had notable cases of severe addiction recorded are World of Warcraft, Everquest and Guild Wars.

Chat rooms are highly addictive. People who may be anti social or shy in real life are more prone to becoming addicted to chat rooms because it enables them to express their character from behind a computer screen. Rarely will computer addicts end up meeting their online friends in the real world as this would tend to ruin their online persona. Real relationships have been ruined die to people having a computer internet addiction to chat rooms.

Pornography and online casinos are possibly the most serious of all computer internet addictions. For the very reason that it can generally cost a lot of money to access online pornography and casinos, and in the case if casinos you can lose your money in seconds once you start gambling. Online gambling and pornography are billion dollar businesses; however this is often at the expense of addicts who have been drawn into this virtual world of gambling.

Computer internet addiction needs to be tackled at it’s core; that is we must first understand why people become addicted to the internet and what sort of personality changes are needed to overcome this addiction



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