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>Medical Analysis: Freedom to win your dreams

>For some, it is all about earning an extra income while for some others it is earning a living and to winning their dreams for themselves. Motives may differ, but the fabulous opportunities offered by Medical Analysis are catching up fast among all.
With a +2 level education and a fair flair of language added with a sense of propriety, you can assertively step into the bludgeoning profession of medical analysis. Along with the attractive proceeds, medical analysis offers you the chance to work from home and at flexible timings. You need not change your routine, your present career, or the time you spend with your loved ones. Just sign into the Medical Analysis training course and enter the ever widening vistas of new-age career opportunities from your home itself.

What is medical analysis/analyst?

Though they seem very similar in the outset, Medical Analysis and Medical Transcription have only a few things in common. Medical Transcription just makes a report of the doctor’s statements and suggestions while the Medical Analyst goes through the voice files, analyses them with an experts’ eye and prepares the report. To put it in another way, all medical analysts can become a medical transcriptionist; where as all medical transcriptionists may not be able to be a medical analyst.

Gone are the days when they just listen to the doctor and made a verbatim report of the same with out a single amendment. They were known as transcriptionists and their job didn’t go beyond just mechanically taking down what they hear. With the coming of medical analysts, medical transcription gave way to a more intelligible way of looking at the entire job. Medical analysts check and cross check the facts with an eye on possible mistakes and human errors and makes a report of their own with the sense, spirit and facts intact. This has helped many a doctor to save their valuable time and energy and subsequently the demand for medical analysts went high.


If you have finished the +2 level successfully and if you have a good command over English, you can try the Medical Analyst Training course. Your capacity to comprehend and analyse things is key to the profession. And a minimum understanding of the computers will always be an added advantage.

The course of six months’ duration is aimed at giving you training in Medicine, Pharmacology and language tuition in American English. Practical classes, language preparation, theory and lab training, various medical specialisations and familiarisation of technical terms will take a minimum of six months to complete. The training programme is in such a way that any body with in the age group of 17-60 can easily pick up lessons and be a good medical analyst in the given period. The entrants to the training course will have to pass an initial screening test to be eligible for the course.

Job Avenues
The training course is open to all educated people including common unemployed youths, house wives, students who pursue their higher studies and employees who opted for voluntary retirement.

For Lata Varma and Salpana George, two energetic housewives in Kochi, Medical analysis has opened up a bold and beautiful way of living and making a living of their own. “It was my long search for work-at- home jobs that finally ended up in medical analysis. After completing a training course in a private institute, I started working from my home. The people at the training institute send me files for analysis and I can work at my convenience, day or night. If you can properly utilise your time, medical analysis can bring you big fortune” says Lata Varma.

“The training will give you an understanding of the medical terminology, confidence in English language and train you in the ways of medical analysis.” Quips Salpana George “In the beginning, it was a bit difficult to cope with the language and the American way of pronouncing it. But regular training will really help us to understand things better. Slowly and steadily we will be able to pick up even the nuances and be able to analyse and to reasonably prepare the format file. Sooner, we can do the analysis with much ease and be an expert in the field. If you are a hard worker, you can definitely earn more than Rs.25, 000 a month.”

A computer of your own with internet connection and the support of a reputed medical analysis company can easily fetch you more than double the money you spend on your training, that too by sitting in your home! Not to mention the attractive incentives!



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